Puggle Puppy Gallery

Here are some pictures of our past puggle puppies. Our customers like to keep us updated on our puggles to let us know how they're doing and we love to see updated pictures.

These puggles have gone to their new homes but you can click our puppy link and see what babies we currently have available.

Dempsey is "cute as a bug" all dressed up for Halloween. Her home is in Keokuk, Iowa.

How can you resist these "puppy dog eyes"?

Rusty Shackleford catches some waves near his home in Nantucket.

Tasha show off her school spirit in NJ.

Cooper is all ready for Christmas in NY.

Dexter poses for the camera in his yard on Martha's Vineyard.

Drew catches alot of ray's on his deck in sunny CA.

Lily looks pretty comfy on the bed in her Minnesota home.

Baily and Riley are having a fun ride to the beach at their home in Florida.

What a handful of beautiful babies. All of these little babies have gone to their new homes, but we will have some more just like them soon.