Prairie View Puggle Testimonials

We always love to hear about our puppies and how they're doing at their new homes. If you'd like to contact us to keep us informed about your prairie view puggle puppy or send us a picture, feel free to contact us by using the form on our contact page.


James and I would like to thank you so much for Dakota! We love her so much, she is so much fun!! She has loved going down to the lake and has also become best friends with our other dog Buddy. Thanks so much for such a great puppy!!

Mandy and James

Hi Waltedda! Update on our little Zoey! She is awesome! We just got back from our vacation in Michigan and she had a blast. Loved the sand, water and chasing the sea gulls. I'm thinking about #2 and when that time comes, I will be contacting you! Thanks again. Backy Marchand Galva, Illinois


Thank you so much for the gorgeous amazing puppy. We love her so much and cannot thank you enough for her. She is such a smart, loyal and loving dog and we just don't have enough go things to say about her. Thanks for everything and good luck with all future puppies.

Keep in touch,

Danny and Courtney


I just wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful and loving pup. Jaxson is such a joy and sooo smart. He immediately took to his potty training and learned both "sit" and "down" within a few minutes each. The only thing he's having a hard time with is "stay" but that's only because he is so full of energy. He is definitely loved by all and everyone comments on how adorable he is.

I really can't thank you enough for giving me such a wonderful addition to my family. I promise to follow-up with some pictures. =)

Take care, Sheila

Waltedda, Blue turned one year old a couple months ago, and he's been great ever since we got him. Blue loves to play with other dogs, especially my neighbor's, and he's one of the fastest dogs at the dog park. He's not much of a swimmer however (which I found out when he tried to step onto some leaves that were floating on the surface of a lake nearby - he clumsily fell right in!). Everyone he walks past comments about how adorable he is, and he's got the most expressive eyes you can imagine - it's not hard to tell what he's thinking.

Blue's absolute favorite thing to do with humans is play tug-of-war, and with other dogs, he can't get enough of playing chase(he prefers being chased to chasing others). He also loves to curl up with a chew toy or rawhide and go to town on it. He's an absolute joy, and if I ever decide to get the little guy a brother, I know who I'm calling.

Thanks for such a great dog!

Dave (Columbia, MO)

Waltedda, I just wanted to thank you on such a wonderful puppy! Miley is doing great and at only 8 weeks she is doing GREAT at house-training. We have already taught her to sit and stay and it is amazing how smart she is. You did a great job breeding the PERFECT puppy! I know when we decide to get another dog you will be our only choice. Thanks again!

The McCauley Family

Hi! We just wanted to update you on Gus. He has turned out to be a wonderful puppy..but he is very spoiled. He loves to spend time at work with me and he loves people! We just sent you out our Christmas Card with our photo of Gus so you can see how cute he is! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Thanks again for everything!

Mallory and Jake

Hi Waltedda,

Just wanted to give you an update on our dear Ellie. She is now 10 months old and has more energy than ever. She's very well trained and we found that she could even swim when we visited Beaver Island, Michigan and New Smyrna Beach, Florida this fall. Chasing the birds on the beach was great fun! We've taken several long road trips with Ellie and she's a great traveller. Ellie looks forward to going to the dog park every morning where she gets the other dogs to run and chase her. She loves all dogs and people, yet she's a very good watch dog. Nobody walks down our driveway without her announcing that we have a visitor. Our cat, Isabelle, still thinks that dogs are a pain, but she and Ellie get along fine. We absolutely adore our puggle and appreciate her more every day. Thanks again for breeding and raising such wonderful dogs.

- Jean & Jim

Hi Waltedda,

Just a little update on our Zoey. She is a little over 8 months old now and queen of the home! She is a GREAT dog, is quite active but is also very lovable. She gets along great with all the dogs in the neighborhood and they look forward to Zoey coming every day for a romp in the leaves. She sleeps with us every night and she's soooo spoiled! We love her and has been a comfort to me while our daughter is away at Quincy U. We wouldn't trade our Puggle for anything! Will send photos soon!

Matt, Becky and Molly


Zeus is now four months old and he gets more adorable each day. He is full of curiosity and loves to be near people. He is our greatest joy. Thank you so much!

Jamie & Sean (Whitehouse Station, NJ)

Hey Waltedda!

Tetley is now 4 months old and he is GREAT! He is very smart and starts puppy school in a couple of weeks. While usually he is very sweet, he definitely knows how to get into trouble! Just yesterday he was rolling on his back at the park and rolled right into the lake! He's been so much fun though. Thanks for raising such a well-socialized fun loving pup!


Dexter is great he's 4 months and 20lbs he sits stays lays paw comes and loves to fetch the ball lay in the sun and just be outside he is house trained and goes to work with me every day and loves the people and there dogs hes very playful with many comments of how handsome he is and may have changed some minds on what type of dog to get Dexter is very loved plus spoiled

Thank you

Jamie Ann & Chris Martha's Vineyard MA

Dear Waltedda and Family,

I just wanted to give you an update on Browser. He was officially 4 months old on Friday, June 15th. He is housebroken, sits, lays down, and plays fetch. He will be starting a puppy class soon. He is bundle of energy and joy.

Thank you so much,

Sarah, CT

Dear Waltedda and Family,

Little Ellie is almost 5 months old and is a proud graduate of puppy school. We start basic obedience class tonight. Ellie is just about housebroken and can sit, stay, wait, lay down, fetch and come. Also, she will not go to her food bowl until we tell her the word "free". She sleeps in our bed every night and loves sleeping on the back of the couch, so she has us trained well too. We go to the park every morning and evening and she absolutely loves the other dogs. Our 10 year old cast isn't fond of her yet, but Ellie's trying to win her over. We installed an invisible fence which Ellie has learned to handle very well. We love her very much. She's a true delight and a joy to have in our family. Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful puppy. Keep up the good work!

With warm regards,

Jean and Jim

Dear Waltedda,

Just wanted to let you know Bosley is doing GREAT! He is now seven months old. Bosley loves to go everywhere with us! His favorite place to go is Pet Club. He rides in the shopping cart and picks out the dog toy he wants us to buy him. (He's not spoiled at all!) We will send pics soon!

Michele, Al and Ashley San Jose, California

Hi Waltedda!

Just wanted to let you know that our little Zoey is a doll! We love her so much and she is a good girl! She is still in training but very smart and learns very quickly. We will send pictures soon.

Thanks again!

Matt, Becky and Molly


We would like to thank you very much for all of your kindness and honesty with our new Puggle. She was Molly's "little girl" from her December litter. Her name is Tuscany, and she is very happy (and spoiled) in her new home. We wish you the best.

Patrick and Jenn - Milwaukee, WI

Hi Waltedda,

Just wanted to let you know Coco is doing great. She is such an amazingly fun and well tempered dog. A bit michievous, as warned, but a bundle of fun. She is coming along in training well and brings a smile to my face everyday when I get home.

Thanks a bunch!

Thomas - Chicago, IL

Hi Waltedda,

I just wanted to thank you for my little guy Brody!! He's a very handsome boy and gets lots of compliments!! He's a very happy and playful pup!! He loves playing with my 90 pound American Bulldog - they're bestfriends!! It was great working with you!! I will send you pictures soon.

Thanks again for everything!!


Hi Waltedda,

I am just dropping a line to tell you how much we love our little girl Piper. It has already been a week since we picked her up from the airport. My kids are in heaven. Thank you so much for her. She is a beautiful and is very social. You and your family did such a great job with her. It was great dealing with you. The whole process from start to finish was such a great experience. I will send you pictures soon, and keep you posted on her progress.

Thanks again for everything!!

Jessica & Grett

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