Puppy Potty Training Tips

There are a few different potty training methods, you need to choose the one that best fits your schedule and routine.

If you have ample time to spend with your puppy and are home with him/her most of the day the old fashion way is the best. If you can take the puppy out every 1 1/2-2 hours, even if he/she doesn't act like they need to go. Most of the time they will go and with this method they will catch on very quickly and eventually they will let you know they need to go out by going to the door.

Crate Training

If you have limited time at home, crate training would be your best option. With this you would need to purchase a crate that is large enough to allow the puppy to stand up and move around in. You would need to be able to take the puppy out to go potty and get a little exercise before putting him/her in the crate for extended periods of time. It would be best if you could limit the times to 4-6 hours to begin with, 8 hours would be ok once the puppy is a bit older and better trained. Also, when you leave the puppy in the crate it is a good idea to put some chew toys in the crate and also an old t-shirt or and old sock tied in a knot. These items will give them comfort because they will have your scent on them.

Potty Pads

I have not personally used these, but have spoken with alot of families who have. They have nothing but good comments to say. They usually start using the pads and gradually graduate them to the old fashion method as they get older. It would be a good idea to use the pads on a hard surface floor if possible, just in case.

Litter Box

I know this sounds funny because you have a puppy, not a kitten. However, it is possible. I have a few families who have used this method with their puppies and it has worked. Females are the best to use for this particular method. I would suggest to get the litter box ready and when they act like they have to go just put them in there. I would also suggest putting the litter box on a hard surface floor if possible.